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Colin M.
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Colin M. This is what rock should sound like. The world would certainly be a more awesome place. Favorite track: It's A Confusing World.
ohleollei thumbnail
ohleollei If you like Clutch, this will satisfy. Only problem is, maybe too much like Clutch. Favorite track: CD&W.
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Flex It's just a plain and simple badass superband. I love the idleness of All's well in Milton Keynes. It's slow, melodic...starts with a killer bassline. Favorite track: All's Well In Milton Keynes.
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Soshanna The Company Band is a rock supergroup featuring Clutch frontman Neil Fallon, Fireball Ministry frontman James Rota, CKY drummer Jess Margera, guitarist Dave Bone, and Fu Manchu bassist Brad Davis, enuff said. Favorite track: Love Means Never Having To Say You're Ugly.
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released November 10, 2009

Neil Fallon - Vocals
Dave Bone - Guitar
Jim Rota - Guitar
Brad Davis - Bass
Jess Margera - Drums

Produced by Andrew "Stormbringer" Alekel



all rights reserved


The Company Band Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Zombie Barricades
Zombie Barricades

Zombie barricades failing all around you.
Find that final cache, pray it be of value.
Black eyed phantoms dropping laser guided curses.
Backward secret messages disguised as pretty verses.

Bring back the P.M.R.C., I need that motivation.
What do I win? Satisfaction of being right?
Bring back the U.S.S.R., we need that motivation.
What can we win? Eternity of night?

Are you fucking kidding me? They are well protected.
Fry you from miles around. The lot of ‘em infected.

Your parents, your neighbor, your sister, your brother.
What can we win? Eternity of night?
Your parents, your neighbor, your sister, your brother.
Zombie barricades are failing all around you.
Track Name: It's A Confusing World
It’s a Confusing World

Neon sun is shining, motel in air.
Systematic victims will greet you there.
Well done and creeping, lizards dressed their best
Beg to make acquaintance with the latest guest.

It’s a confusing world. Tell us what’s on your mind.

Hit that letter, hit that number.
Buck and a quarter I’ve got to recover.

Silhouettes are pacing, Friar’s Room is hell
Pleasantly erasing its clientele.
Air conditioned, H.B.O., color TV, remote control.
We all get along if we all learn to play our proper roles.

It’s a confusing world. Tell us what’s on your mind.

No, you will never recover
Your driver’s license from the night staff at the Padre Trail
No, you will never recover
Your identity from the night staff at the Padre Trail.
Track Name: Djinn And Pentatonic
Djinn and Pentatonic

The alchemical comic stoned again in his class.
Old quantum mechanic says it’s just out of gas.
Boom, subatomic, the singularity’s here.
Hey, rolling collider, the horizon is near.

But one has to wonder, are we in or are we out?
Is it just a terrible blunder?

Atmospheric phenomenon and on.
Djinn and pentatonic all night long.

The good doctor’s box, what a terrible riddle.
That poor damn cat split right down the middle.
In the void it rambles, rattles and rolls
While the comical alchemist grinds up his bones.
Track Name: Inline Six
Inline Six

Dusty oasis waiting the easy way to game.
The wind changes direction, smell of the passing rain.

Headlights are coming over the hill.
The sound of the engine and time stands still.

Inline six lace and ribbon.
Never knew what came to hit him.
Inline six dagger heels,
Golden keys, silver wheels.

The sun buries itself it gets cold as cold as hell
In town it’s heating up boy, but you’ll never tell.
Life on the mesa, it’s a merciless land.
Pay cash in advance and get out while you can.
Track Name: Hot Topic Woman
Hot Topic Woman

Metal chicks get agro, smoking on the pitch.
Weather’s not for leather, nicotine’s a bitch.
Gothic chicks get restless, fistful of rings.
Photos in the graveyard, such a moody thing.

Hot Topic woman, dark and mean.
Pretend that you don’t see me.
Forget your foolish manager!
Get with the program, I’m the customer!

Your boyfriend’s demo, shoe gazin’ verb.
Thought he was a rocker. Now I’m not so sure.
Come on angry lady, I know it can be tough.
How about a little smile? How about you ring me on up?

Oh Hot Topic Woman.

Metal chicks get aggro, goth chicks get hot.
You a stone cold looker whether you like it or not.
C’mon angry ladies, I know it can be tough.
How ‘bout a little smile, how ‘bout you ring me on up?
Track Name: All's Well In Milton Keynes
All's Well in Milton Keynes

The field’s green, slow graze,
Halcyon, gold haze.
Owl flies, mouse flees.
All’s well in Milton Keynes.

Shepherd tends to his flock.
Sun dances on the loch.
Red skies, green leaves,
All's well in Milton Keynes.

I don’t think they are moving.
Is it we are too numb?
Why can’t we inquire,
Where the green man is from?

The meadow and its family,
Live forever happily.
A dog barks, larks sing,
We must let a good thing be.
Track Name: Who Else But Us?
Who Else But Us?

Is it Memorex or live? c.c.s' on the sly?
Easy living, people, it don't come cheap.
Pharmaceutical agitation, makes it easier to persuade 'em.
Easy living people, they don't come cheap.

Doses of love. It's so easy.
Who else but us? It's so easy.

Rocky Erickson said to me,
"You can trust acid before the C.I.A."
Chairmen or the Waterboard,
Let us come to disorder.
It's enough to make a believer,
The Cleavers seek reeducation.

Ancient prophecy demonic possession!
If it's for real there's just one protection!
Defibrilate 'em, sedate 'em, then kick 'em in the nuts!
Machiavelli, Friedrich Nietzsche,
So much more we'd love to teach ya!
Free living people, ain't no such thing.
Track Name: CD&W

Power drives men mad, turns ‘em into killers.
Power is a golden throne atop a bloody pillar.
And it really gets ‘em going they get dirt on their hands.
Do it right out in the open man they love that jam.

Money, oh how it sweats ‘em, like a junky runaway.
There’s nothing they can do about it, they all just born that way.
They get whipped into a frenzy when they smell the blood.
Ain’t no two ways about it, that’s what they love.

You know what their main jam is?
Chaos, destruction, and war!
You know what their true name is?
Chaos, destruction, and war!
Track Name: Love Means Never Having To Say You're Ugly
Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Ugly

Vengeance beyond the grave,
Well dressed with robot slaves
Focused, and ready to set the scene.
The girl is just so lovely,
Well spoken and becoming
For the famous libertine

The outcome is predestined.
They will be apprehended,
Sculpted into masterpiece.
The act is all and final.
There will be no revival,
As the players are the piece.

Doctor Phibes, Doctor Phibes arrives reeking of the morgue.
What’s his expertise? Does he have one at all?
Doctor Phibes arrives in camouflage.
Diminished not the least, he lives to watch them fall.

I’m just looking for justice, a bit of that tit for tat,
And to do it with some style, a classic sense of panache.
They done my woman so any man can understand.
Rock ‘em with atonal terror, shock ‘em with the hands.
Track Name: Lethe Waters
Lethe Waters

Moth and a candle, frenzied it flies.
Sole mad obsession, certain demise.
There, a dim fire. Steady the wheel.
Below the wreckage scrapes at the keel.

Walk the field of endless doors.
At every step they implore.

Lethe waters.
The quiet drum.
Endless marching
Of forgetting ones.

Just the next turn now,
Just the next bend.
It can’t be much further
Where this road ends.
There, in the distance.
You hear it call?
But what we are after
Who can recall?